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Ways to Get Traffic to Your Business Opportunities

You’ve taken the time to create a spectacular product or you have a great business opportunity that you know your students and customers will benefit from. You’ve done all the research and know it’s something that people want and need. You’re ready to start teaching and promoting. Problem is, you don’t have a lot of traffic to your site yet. There have got to be ways to get traffic to your business opportunities.

Without traffic, you don’t have students, customers or sales. You want to make people aware of your business opportunity and you don’t want just any traffic. You want to attract a stream of relevant traffic filled with people who will likely be interested in your training or business opportunity.

It’s important to have a constant flow of traffic to your opportunity since only a small portion of those visiting will convert to students or customers. To get that traffic you can and should use the basic proven traffic generating strategies that work for any type of online content. But sometimes you have to think outside the box to increase traffic.

Two Types of Traffic

Also, remember there are two main types of traffic: paid traffic and free traffic. Paid traffic comes from you spending money to advertise to get yourself in front of relevant people. You are using other people’s existing audiences, saving yourself a lot of time and effort. Some examples are Google Ads and Facebook Ads.

Free traffic can be generated in many different ways. Free traffic is often better quality traffic. This is a bit more hands-on and takes time. Some common ways are Social media or SEO.

Here are my top 10 choices of ways to get traffic to your business opportunities.

1. Social Media

Social media is by far one of the most popular ways to get traffic. But it can also be a huge time stealer if you don’t take control of it. You want to be sharing content and answer questions but not spending endless hours doing it.

To get more exposure, which in turn builds your traffic, you need to be visible and active on many of the social media platforms. It’s important to do more than just create a profile. You need to post content that encourages engagement on a daily basis. Try to get more followers and respond directly to your audience.

You can post links to your opportunity to get your followers to check out what you have to offer. Check out “How to Get Instant Web Traffic Using Social Media”.

Facebook groups and pages are a good way to build relationships with an audience and get traffic to your product or business opportunity. Just be aware that Facebook makes it difficult to reach your entire audience when you post.

Instagram works great for getting traffic if your topic is very visual. You can post photos of your latest projects as inspiration. People will see the work, want to do the project themselves and sign up to learn more about your product or opportunity. Instagram focuses on lifestyles associated with traveling, weight loss and inspiration topics, so if your course helps these in some way, Instagram can be a good source of traffic.

Twitter is best for sending out quick blurbs about your topic. You will get some traffic from Twitter, just be aware your posts quickly get lost in the shuffle.

2. YouTube

YouTube is still one of the best places to share videos. Creating videos is a great way to show off your course whether it’s a visual course like photography or an audio one like teaching people to sing. YouTube is great for abstract topics as well such as meditation.

3. Quora

Quora is a question and answer platform. Spend an hour or so each week answering questions related to your niche. Provide a call to action to visit your landing page to check out your online course to learn more.

4. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great place to get traffic especially if your topic is meant for professionals. Posting articles and updates on LinkedIn about your topic and commenting on other people’s posts will provide you with a lot of traffic. You can have a call to action directly to course on your profile page. You build connections of others who are in similar niches. If your topic is about being an effective manager or writing resumes, LinkedIn is a good place to find traffic.

5. Pinterest

Pinterest is an excellent place for visuals. It is often associated with topics like home decorating, parenting, cooking, or crafting. If your product or business opportunity relates to any of these topics Pinterest is a great source for driving traffic.

Create eye catching images or pins that are linked to your course for Pinterest users to click through to learn more about your product or opportunity. This activity all by itself will provide many ways to get traffic to your business opportunities.

6. Email Marketing

Email marketing should be a part of your marketing plan. You should already have started your email list. You’ve been sharing content related to your product or business opportunity topic. You can encourage them to share your content with their friends and family. This can generate new leads to your opportunity.

Another way to drive traffic to your online opportunity through email is to include a link to it in your email signature line. So every time you send an email, your link is exposed.

7. Live Video

Live videos are hot right now. Grab your share of the traffic by doing a Facebook or YouTube live video. Encourage your followers to share the videos to get more traffic. Be sure to include a link to your opportunity.

8. Guest Posting

To use guest blogging to drive traffic you’ll find blogs related to your topic. You’ll want to find sites that get a lot of traffic. Reach out to see if they will accept a guest post from you. Then if they do, create a great post that is helpful to both their audience and your topic. In your bio, include a link to your course for them to get more information.

9. Webinars

Use webinars to market unique content about your topic. Come up with a twist for your topic and hold a webinar. Provide a link back to your course. Then reuse the webinar to continue to get fresh traffic.

10. Mini Course

Create a free mini course to drive traffic to your paid opportunity. A mini course gives potential students a taste of what you teach when they join your training. Take a small amount of information from your main opportunity and offer it free in exchange for their email address. At the end of the mini course, promote your main product or opportunity offering.

Next Steps

These are just some of the many ways to get traffic to your business opportunities. Now it is time for you to create your strategy of the ones you will use. Don’t be afraid to use more than one strategy. In fact, you should. But don’t try all of them at the same time. That can be overwhelming. Sit down and make out a plan for which ones you will use, how long before you will add another one and keep repeating to build

Getting Started

5 Most Common Excuses to Avoid Making!

Are you new to online marketing? There’s a catchy saying in the self-help industry that goes, “If you want it, you’ll find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse.” While this is true to a very large extent, there are also factors such as fear, insecurity, social conditioning, etc. that play a role too.  There are 5 most common excuses to avoid making.

Every year, thousands of people try their hand at making an income online. It seems so lucrative and easy. The thrill of making money while you sleep or sip cocktails in the Bahamas is irresistible. Being able to quit the job and tell the boss to shove it is a fantasy nurtured by many people who foray into the world of online marketing.

The sad truth is that the majority of them will fail. They’ll end up spending money, running in circles and never see a cent. While a lot of it is part and parcel of the learning process, the biggest reason most beginners never clear the initial hurdles is due to the excuses they tell themselves.

We are going to look at the 5 most common excuses tossed around by beginners to explain why they’ve given up and decided that ‘it’s all a scam.’

I tried it and it didn’t work

This is the number one excuse of the lot. “I tried it all out… but I didn’t get any results!” So, it must be a scam, right? Take a look at this article 14 Tips for The New Year.

Wrong! In most cases, they probably tried once or twice and quit. To succeed online, there is a learning curve. Failure is a part of success and not the opposite. You’ll need to try more and try harder.

If you published one Kindle book and expected to become the next, Stephen King, you’re going to be sorely disappointed. Keep trying until you learn the ropes and figure it out. Then and only then will you start seeing the money roll in.

Others will think I’m dumb

This is a very real fear. It’s especially true in the make money online niche where you’re creating products and there is always the possibility that one of your product launches may flop.

All your peers’ eyes are on you. What do you do? All that effort gone to waste. You do not want to be judged by others… so you do nothing… and gain nothing. The truth of the matter is that it doesn’t matter what other marketers’ think.

When you do succeed, all failures will be forgotten and everybody will be focused on your success, and want to be your new best friend just to learn how you did it. You’re being judged no matter what. So, do what you need to do.

It’s not for me

Really? Then what is? There are a ton of ways to make money online. Are none of them for you?

You don’t wish to write books because you hate writing. That’s perfectly understandable. But how about domain flipping or eBay? Don’t like those either?

No problem. How about video marketing? Niche sites? Freelance sites?

You have so many choices. Find one that you like and focus on your strengths. Don’t worry about trying to shore up your weaknesses. You’re better off mastering your strengths and excelling in them. There is definitely a method out there that will suit you.

“But, Larry did it and he failed!’

Another excuse. Looking at someone else who failed and automatically believing that the same thing will happen to you is illogical. You may do a way better job than Larry did, whoever he may be.

Your work ethic may be much better. You may be more dedicated. You might have skills that he doesn’t have. Don’t assume that just because someone else tried and failed, their fate will be yours too. Have faith in yourself.

The timing is all wrong

There’s an old Chinese saying, “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”

American author, Earl Nightingale, once said, “Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway.”

These 2 quotes alone should tell you enough. If you want to make money online, the time is now. There’s no need to wait. Procrastination is the thief of time.

If you’re thinking, “It’s going to take me 10 months to write 4 Kindle books!”… Ask yourself this question – What’s happening at the end of these 10 months?

In most cases, the answer will be nothing. Don’t let the duration of the task scare you off. If you start today, in 10 months you’ll probably have 4 books published and making you money. You might even be a bestselling author.

If you don’t take the first step, 10 months later you’ll still be where you are, and you’ll look back and wish you had just done it.

These 5 most common excuses hold back thousands upon thousands of people. They can’t overcome their inertia and get started because instead of focusing on how they can do it, they’re focusing on why they can’t do it.

Action is the foundational key to all success… and all success comes after you stop making excuses. So, grit your teeth, dig in your heels and take action today. Make wise choices. Read Arun Chandrun’s article 14 Tips for the New Year.

“To achieve greatness, start where you are, use what you have, do what you can.” – Arthur Ashe

Stop making these 5 most common excuses and starting moving!

Email Marketing Resources Safelists

Darren Olanders Viral Mailers

I created this banner page for Darren Olanders Viral Mailers. These mailers provide me with excellent click thru rates and signups. I recommend them highly.

Here are some of the features and benefits of Darren Olanders Viral Mailers:

  • These lists provide responsive email advertising. The members are highly active and very motivated.
  • Free members are able to email every member in the list depending on the amount of credits that you have.
  • Each list offers a built in click through tracking system with a full history of all emails sent
  • Every list offers a built in click through tracking system with a full history of all emails sent
  • All members are eligible to win free bonus email ads, free credits, free login ads and free banner ads.
  • List members can participate in the One-A-Day Bonus programs. It keeps the membership active and brings you lots of unique traffic!
  • The lists pay 40% commissions or more for referrals, upgrades and advertising purchases.
  • You will receive a monthly reward code on the 6th of every month for 500 credits. Enter the promo code and click 25 emails to activate it. Do this on each of Darren Olanders Viral Mailers as long as you are an active member.

As soon as you join Adchiever enter the promo code NEW MEMBER and receive free credits. You will be required to click 10-25 emails to activate it.    

Adchiever offers unique loyalty rewards (achievement points) that make each email ad you read become more and more valuable. You earn them by reading emails and from referrals.

After joining Build My Downlines enter the promo code N9V7WT1. Click the required number of emails to active the code for free credits.  As a member before you join a site – do it through Build My Downlines and get paid! Discover new sites and get rewarded for it!

Advertisers can create an offer to build your list or to get signups to any affiliate program or website – and YOU get to choose how much or little to give for each signup!

Build My Downlines is a marketplace where advertisers and members work together. All of the members receive reputation, reliability scores, and feedback to ensure it is a safe and rewarding experience for everyone.

When you join Downline Maxx enter the promo code NEWMEMBER and click the emails required to activate the code. Downline Maxx allows its members to use Maxx Points to Buy/Sell or Rent/Lease downline programs. Claim multiple downline positions for any programs you want, so you get signups from other lists. Earn more by being an active member such as free banner ads, login ads, mailing credits, and even free MaxxPoints for buying or renting downline spots! Earn 40% commissions while building a downline that becomes more and more valuable over time!

Sign up free now, then activate reward code NEWJUMPER to earn 300 bonus mailing credits as soon as you read 10 emails. Sending an email ad to our list is as easy as filling out your email content and clicking send! You can earn your sends for free or purchase any upgrade!

In marketing & advertising you always want to be sure your brand is recognizable. You have the option to display your photo and social media details with your ads.

Getting a return on your investment (time and/or money) is key. You won’t need to spend hours every day collecting credits. Instead, a short amount of time daily can reap outstanding rewards.

Out of all of Darren Olanders Viral Mailers, List Surfing offers some unique opportunities.

List Surfing is an effective manual traffic exchange blended with a viral list builder and the power of social media. Since that is a mouth full, let’s break it down.

Two Systems in One

manual traffic exchange generally works as a peer to peer advertising system whereas by viewing other people’s sites you will get other people to view yours.

viral list builder generally works the same way except instead of viewing just a website, you receive e-mails in exchange for sending your own e-mail to the list.

They both work on a credit basis, meaning you either have to purchase credits or earn those credits by viewing more members’ sites or e-mails. Your credits will be spent on sending your own e-mail or getting your site seen.

We have experienced great results advertising on both types of systems, but with List Surfing we have done something entirely unique…

Credits Not Required but Useful

Clicking for credits is not required to get your website seen in our Traffic Exchange rotation system. This basically allows you to get double the amount of exposure from List Surfing. In addition to sending your e-mail advertisements, your sites also get unlimited visitors from our site rotator as long as you are “active”. Staying in active status is easy, all you have to do to qualify is view 50 sites a month, as well as 5 e-mails each month. This generally takes only about 20 minutes… and in return could send you hundreds or thousands of visitors! For the amount of effort you have to agree that is a HUGE return. Alternatively, you can purchase the Always Active upgrade and never need to view sites or e-mails.

Surfing Will Earn Mailing Credits

Surfing is the term used for when you view other member’s websites within the traffic exchange rotation system. While surfing you don’t need to earn credits for getting your site shown (since it will already get unlimited visitors in rotation if you are active) you will earn mailing credits instead. You can then use the mailing credits you earned during surfing towards sending your offers through the member mailing system just like you would through a viral list builder.

We also wanted to reward you for reading mails… so every time you click and view the earn impressions link within mails you receive from our member mailing system you will earn free banner and text ad impressions! This is another great way to increase your exposure to the membership and maximize your results.

We believe after surfing at List Surfing you will want to make us your primary traffic exchange!

Here are a few benefits that make us proud…

Thumbnail Surfing

You get to choose the next site you want to see from your choice of thumbnails. Thumbnails make surfing easy and fun! Our sophisticated anti-cheat makes sure you only get real website visitors, so the value of the credits you earn is REAL.

Social Integration

Users can share your site on facebook, twitter, stumbleupon, linkedin, and more… directly from their surf session. They will also see your profile card, and can visit your profile to leave you a comment or even opt-in to your list!

Feedback and Interaction

Comments are posted on the site when it is displayed. This means as an advertiser you can get valuable feedback on what people think about your page or offer. Other members can see other member’s comments which can increase your conversions greatly! You can respond to concerns and get users to understand and take action!


Chat is a great way to not only keep people viewing each site longer than required. It also keeps users alert and receptive. It is also a great tool to ask questions, or just to network with other like-minded members. With your profile image and name showing up everywhere you will create a sense of familiarity and trust so when your site is viewed users will be even more responsive.

Surf Awards

You can earn ribbons that you can show off on your profile and member card… for surfing, reading mails, getting your sites liked, tweeting, referrals, and more!

Additionally, you can obtain more credits by either winning the daily surf drawings or winning guaranteed surf rewards!

Email Awards

In the same way we’ve described all the social aspects while surfing, you will also notice the same features when you view mails and click on the earn impressions links. This alone is a totally unique feature in viral list building.. but we didn’t stop there!

In List Surfing, members will only receive mails if they want to. This means you are only spending credits on sending to users who will open and read your mail! And here’s another first…

Only members who have interacted with mails within the last 3 months are eligible to receive any mail. Members are automatically set to vacation mode if they do not read any emails sent to them. This ensures that your mailings will have ridiculously high click through rates!

Advertising Options

Our full website views and e-mail ads are only part of what is available to you here at List Surfing. We have made even more advertising options available such as Featured Ads, Banner Ads, Text Ads, Start Pages, Login Ads, and more. You can even place an opt-in box on your profile.

When you advertise your text or banner ad with us, you are reaching visitors across any website where our publishers installed one of our ad blocks. This means huge reach!

We accept many different banner sizes: 468×60, 120×600, 125×125, 300×250,  and 728×90

We also share SOURCE stats with you, so you will know exactly what site your visitors came from and you can even block that site from showing your ads if you want.

Lowest Rates

We offer a flat rate CPC (Cost Per Click) for our banner and text ads. This means there is no hassle of bidding over other advertisers for outrageous prices. Your cost per click depends only on where the visitor is coming from. It can be as low as 6 cents from most countries and up to only 18 cents for United States visitors. You don’t pay for impressions, only for legitimate clicks that lead to your advertised website.

Join us at Darren Olanders Viral Mailers. I will be emailing you more reward codes that you can use.

Content Marketing Getting Started Safelists

Creating Content for Websites and Blogs

Writer’s Block while creating content for websites and blogs!

Ever get writer’s block? Or for that matter does the word writing and content create a block before you ever get started.  How about your mindcreating content for websites and blogs, creating blog content, creating content goes completely blank? Creating content for websites and blogs can be both complicated and very easy.

I freeze up when someone starts talking to me about writing content for websites and blogs or even an ad.  I’ve been doing this for a while now and it still happens.

Over the course of my time online, I’ve picked up a few ideas and wanted to share them with you.  Hopefully these points will help you like it did me.

When you are creating content for websites and  blogs, you need to have a plan of action. Whatever you are trying to write or communicate to your audience needs to grab their attention and get them to follow a plan of action.  Let’s say traffic, since that is what I’m teaching right now.

  • Look for articles that have anything to say about traffic. Noticing the word traffic in everything I read has become routine for me.
  • Copy articles that you read online and save them for later use or reading.
  • Notice headlines in those emails. I copy them and put them in a folder.
  • Check out ezine articles sometimes, not always! I copy parts from them and add them to an ideas folder.
  • I also listen to videos about the subject, i.e. You Tube, or videos linked to an email I receive. Take notes!
  • Sometimes I also use PLR content or free reports

Creating content for websites and blogs using PLR content!

We all of us sign up for free stuff right?  I download reports, articles, etc. and forget that I ever signed up for them.  I decided to go through my reports, ebooks and PLR articles to get them organized.  You know it goes all the way back to 2005.  Kinda sad huh?

While I was doing all this organizing I actually had one of those “Wow!” Moments.  Do you know that I have a lot of content about my favorite  topic of the hour!  TRAFFIC! I actually decided to build a website about it.

After I started reading some of the stuff I really was impressed with how much actual indepth training was available in those articles and reports.  I organized it on my external hard drive into folders about each topic dealing with types of traffic and then begin comparing notes.

Getting Organized!

I created a folder for headlines that appeal to me personally and I also created folders about different types of traffic that I was interested in and wanted to know more about.

  • Cost Per Action (CPA)
  • Pay Per Click (PPC)
  • Traffic Exchanges
  • Safelists
  • Video Traffic
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • And the list goes on!

Comparing and reading some of this information and taking notes gave me some great ideas.  Cuting and pasting phrases, paragraphs, etc. helped me get it organized and guess what?  I found out I had a lot of articles already written.  I added my own thoughts to the information I already had and Creating content for websites and blogs, be creative, creating contentnow I have some really good content and have gained a lot more knowledge about the topic I am interested in.

Do you realise you probably could even create a simple ebook out of that content.  Creating content for websites can actually be a lot easier than you think.

Make sure that you add your own thoughts and experiences to the articles, then combine some information and guess what?  You have content?  You have officially finished creating content for your websites.

I just wanted to share my ideas about this in the hopes that I may help you to beat writers block and your own fears of writing content for websites, a blog or emails!

Here’s to your success in 2020!

Donnie Ellis

Traffic Tips 4 U

PS  Check out this article “Let’s talk about writing content”.

Email Marketing

E-Mail Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Here is one of the first email marketing mistakes to avoid. We’ve all heard the saying ad nauseam – “The money is in the list!”
But, is it really? The truth of the matter is that the money is in the relationship that you have with your email list.

There are marketers who have a responsive list of 2000 people and they generate more sales than their competitors who have lists with 30,000 and more people.

How is this even possible? 2 words – trust and loyalty

When you’re building a list, the people on your list are exactly that – people. They’re not numbers in your autoresponder. Far too many marketers focus on the size of their list instead of the quality of their list.

You want to be the type of marketer who can provide immense value to your subscribers and blend in promotional offers every now and then to get sales. Most of your subscribers will understand that you’re running a business, and if you’ve provided them enough value, they’ll trust you and buy from you. Take a look at this article “10 Tips for Using Email to drive traffic to your website”.

Some of them will like you enough to buy from you just to support you. The key to reaching this level of success with email marketing is to treat people like people. In this article, we’ll look at common email marketing mistakes that so many marketers make.

If you commit these mistakes, not only will you alienate your list, but they’ll not trust you. If there’s no trust, you can forget about making sales. Everything depends on trust.

Email subject lines that are misleading

One very common mistake is to use subject lines like “Re:” or “Your account is closed” or some other ridiculous subject line that’s designed to grab attention just to make the reader open their email. This is a very poor attempt at getting people to open your emails.

If you need to resort to such measures, your email marketing skills are mediocre. Making someone think that you’re replying to their email by using the term “Re:” instantly makes them distrust you when they see that you’re just pitching them an offer.

The goal of a subject line is to perk their curiosity. Trying to mislead them or make them panic and open the email, only to discover that it’s the marketer employing a lame subterfuge is not going to bode well for the marketer in the long term.

The “From” address gets changed.

Many times, marketers change their from address/name because they notice that their open rates are dropping like flies. The reason this happens is because their emails are either full of hype or are one promotion after another after another.

Subscribers on a list want value. They want to learn, they want to be entertained and they want something in return. Nobody wants to be on a list just to be marketed to. If that’s all you do, and your open rates suffer, changing your name or your from address is just going to add to the confusion.

How can you trust a marketer with more names and addresses than a phone book?

Emails that are long and boring

Your email should only be as long as it needs to be. The goal is to convey your point across succinctly. Avoid repetition and unnecessary hype. If your emails are long, they should be entertaining and engaging.

The Formating is poor.

Don’t make your reader struggle to read your email. Be aware that reading from a screen is more taxing on the eye than reading print on paper. Avoid using font that is too small or cursive.

The layout should be simple and the text must be easy to read. Don’t use white text on a black background or use a busy background that makes your email look like a Mardi Gras poster. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Not understanding your list

With some lists, such as those in the make money online niche, you can email your subscribers daily or even several times a day and they’ll generally be more tolerant. Try that same thing in a niche such as photography or golf, and your subscribers will be turned off by your ‘non-stop’ emails.

There is no right or wrong answer here. You must test and see. Mistakes only occur when you assume that all lists are the same, and just hammer them with emails without a care in the world. Know your list… and you’ll be a much better email marketer.

Now that you know the 5 email marketing mistakes to avoid, steer clear of them at all cost. Always remember to find the right balance and treat your list like you would your friends and family. People are people and they deserve your respect. Treat them well and they’ll treat you well. It’s really that simple.

Your Success Advantage is a great place to start building a list and creating a relationship with them. The Your Success Advantage will actually send emails and promote your links to your list without you having to do all the hard work.

Here is to your success in 2020!
Donnie Ellis

PS  Check out Your Success Advantage

Safelists Traffic Exchanges

Online Ad Tracking Defined and Explained!

Online ad tracking helps you to determine where your clicks and sales came from so that you can utilize your advertising and get a better return on your dollar.

online ad tracking
hit the basket

You can’t hit the basket without a ball.  But here’s the deal, you can’t throw the ball without a player, right?  The coach wants to know what player put the ball into the basket! And actually so should you!  In your online business that is why you would use “online ad tracking”.

What’s the point in online ad tracking?

Say you are promoting a Clickbank product via your website, e-mail list and pay per click (OK mainly only advanced marketers will be doing all three right now). You make 20 sales of a product, but you have no idea through which media you made the sales.

Highly annoying and expensive if you are using pay per click. Imagine you got 50 clicks at $1 each and none of the clicks led to a sale. You have eaten into your profit by $50 for no return. The sensible thing to do would be to stop the PPC campaign for the product, but how can you if you don’t know where your sales came from?

Also – if you are promoting via e-mail marketing you need to know whether or not your list is responding to the product promotion. If they aren’t then you are likely annoying them, leading to unsubscribes, complaints and lost opportunities.  Online ad tracking helps to prevent these issues.

What is an Ad Tracker?

The official definition of an ad tracker is a utility or program (typically an intermediary) that can be relied upon to gather statistical data from connected web sources for the purpose of analyzing their relationship.

For Internet Marketing Purposes

A tracker is a special URL that will tell you how many people have clicked on your ad link. You can also use tracking links to find out which ads are producing sales and sign-ups. This will tell you very quickly which ads are getting the job done. Tracking links can also help you to keep your commissions or credits from being taken from you.

Ad trackers also utilize secondary JavaScript based requests and reporting to pass identifying information for a given action.  “Who put the ball in the basket and did it accomplish what it was supposed to?”

What is the Purpose of an Ad Tracker?

The goal of an ad tracker is to gather information about the interaction between two sources – typically an individual user and an online resource. This data can be analyzed to determine the relationship between the two sources including the purpose of the user’s visit, their motivation for accessing the resource, and the source of their request.

This data is typically used to promote marketing efforts, improve user experience, and streamline workflow.  A common use for an ad tracker is typically for online advertising to measure return on investment (ROI) for a marketing method. They’re most often used to measure profitability and market penetration.

Tracking and Testing, then Track and Test some more!

You are probably going to join a lot of safelists and traffic exchanges, right?  But if you don’t get any results from your advertising why would you want to stay a member even if it is free!  Whether the resources are free or not they should be effective and help me reach my goal of building my lists, making sales and making money. Online ad tracking helps you to determine where the results come from.

online ad tracking
online ad tracking

It takes me about 5 minutes to cut and paste an ad and then post it into a safelist.  That’s a lot of time when you are utilizing say 50 to 100 safelists.  Don’t know about you but I don’t have a lot of money to waste and I also don’t have a lot of free time to waste either.  I do not like chasing a ball and never catching it.

For many people, this is not the most exciting topic, but I cannot stress to you enough just how important this element is for the success of your safelist campaigns.

Tools and Resources to Aid you in Online Ad Tracking

There are several different tools to effectively track online ads: banner ads, ppc ads, pop-up ads, and other types. Several online advertising companies such as Google offer their own ad tracking service in order to effectively use their service to generate a positive ROI. Third-party ad tracking services are commonly used by affiliate marketers.

Many different companies have created tools to effectively track their commissions in order to optimize their profit potential. The information provided will show the marketer which advertising methods are generating income and which are not. This information will allow the marketer to effectively allocate his budget in the best possible way.

Here’s An Example!

I used a complete affiliate link somewhere in my last advertising campaign, instead of cloaking it and using a tracking link.  The campaign gave me about 6 new subscribers for the program but I have no idea where they came from (i.e. what advertising resource was used and got them to click the link).  I received credit for the signup in my affiliate account but they did not sign up to my newsletter.  So, in effect, I lost 6 good leads.

I use a paid ad tracking service.  Hits Connect offers a free account with a limited number of links you can track.  There is an upgrade that you can purchase for unlimited url tracking.  It is an easy program to use and has some very effective reporting.  The tutorials are easy to understand and to put to work.  Hits Connect also has split testing available which makes things much easier.

Free Online Ad Tracking Resources

There are a lot of free ad tracking services offered online.  You can do a google search and come up with a wide variety.  Just do your due diligence and research the limitations on each program.  Remember free is not always really free!

Several of the top ranking safelists offer free link tracking.  I know that offers this feature to their free members.  ViralURL is a combination mailer and tracking platform.  They offer a free membership and also several paid subscriptions.

Leads Leap is a text ad exchange with a unique twist.  You can earn money with this exchange (you WILL NOT get RICH).  But they also offer a free membership, a free tracker and autoresponder.  You can get a free membership and use the Real Tracker program.  There are a lot of other benefits available in Leads Leap and it would be a good idea to check them out.

In short, online ad tracking will help you to utilize your marketing efforts to the maximum and help you to determine what type of advertising brings you the best results.

Here is to your success in 2020!

Donnie Ellis

PS Your comments are always welcome

Email Marketing Safelists

Viral Mailers with a Twist

In case you haven’t noticed, Safelists and Viral Mailers are evolving.

The Your Viral Network consists of 26 sites that are integrated together to form a massive traffic resource. Each of the sites has unique pieces that make up the complete puzzle. There are 22 viral mailers in the Your Viral Network, each site has over 1000 very active members who look at your advertising opportunity.

The Benefits of Viral Mailers:

  • Join for free
  • Earn a premium upgrade by passing up 5 referrals to your sponsor
  • You are not bombarded with advertisements before you can get into the members area. (Nada)
  • You are not required to view several advertisements before you get to the members area.
  • If you have the credits you can mail to the entire membership.
  • You can build your own list and your downline at the same time (no extra charge).
  • Inactive members are removed so you don’t waste your credits.
  • You can link all of the Your Viral Network sites together.
  • All of the Your Viral Network sites integrate with the top three autoresponder services.
  • Scheduling your emails for later dates is an option that you have with every mailer.

Your Viral List

Your Viral List is the hub in the middle of all the other sites. It is not one of the viral mailers. This site gives free members a free lead magnet of their choice (from over 100) that can be used to build the members email list. Premium members receive their choice of two lead magnets a month. You can build your list of subscribers and your downline at the same time. If you do not have an autoresponder or the one you have does not integrate with the Your Viral Network, you can copy your subscribers information and enter them into your own autoresponder. In other words, the name of your subscriber and their email address is available to you.

The Email Wizard

Have a hard time writing email ads and follow ups? Your Viral List also has a program called the Email Wizard. In the Email Wizard, you can follow the step by step instruction videos as you build your own email, paragraph by paragraph, from scratch. You just insert the specific information about your program in the template. At the end, it even helps you with headline templates to create a unique subject line for your email!

When your email is complete, it stores it in your library so you can come back at any time in the future to copy and paste it wherever you promote.

You will also find Traffic Wise at Your Viral List and at some of the other sites. Traffic Wise consolidates all the tracking information from all the sites in the Your Viral Network, including Your Success Advantage into a single consolidated Best Converting Sites list. Now you see the best converting sites from over 1.3 million visits tracked in the last 30 days!

Traffic Wise

You can link all of the Your Viral Network sites together. If you login to one of the sites to send an email then you can clone that same email to all the other sites and send it out. That mean with one email and a few clicks you can email 35,000 subscribers at one time as long as you have enough credits.

Here is a list of each of the Your Viral Network Sites. Join for free and check out the membership areas. Look at the things that I have mentioned to you in this email and utilize them.

Here is to Your Success in 2020!

Donnie Ellis

Email Marketing Getting Started

Drive Traffic to your Website using Email

Have you checked your inbox lately? Are you learning to drive traffic to your website?

drive traffic to your website

Email marketing is still one of the most effective methods for directly communicating with your audience.  Email marketing is used to drive traffic to your website. Use these tips below to grow your email list and create powerful emails that will get you those click to your website.

Your email marketing campaign is an essential element of your overall marketing strategy. They are designed to communicate and build relationships with your audience.  Email campaigns  gather relevant data, and help increase your return on investment. Unfortunately, many of these campaigns miss the mark and continue to fall short.

Ten tips to boost lead nurturing and returns.

Tip #1: Use Your Email Campaign as a Dialogue

Unfortunately, many businesses follow the “batch and blast” method of email marketing campaigns. While this successfully achieves the objective of sending out the email, it doesn’t actually end up beginning a dialogue with your audience. Extend the conversation by listening to your audience, adding relevant value, and engaging your prospects. Ask for their participation and always include social share buttons to encourage your audience to continue the conversation.

Tip #2:  Hook them with Your Subject Line

The make or break aspect of any email is the subject line. This is what will get their attention and make them read the rest of the email. Make sure that you spend an ample amount of time crafting the subject line, remembering to keep it short and to the point.

Tip #3: Focus on the Message

Email marketing campaigns do more than send out communications; they send the audience a message. Use your email marketing campaigns to tailor your message according to the prospect’s profiles, actions, and interests. Consider sending different email messages to the various segments on your list. By ensuring that you include value-added content, your audience is more likely to engage with your emails.

Is your email box loaded with cash and buying subscribers?

Drive Traffic

Tip #4:  Create A Clear Call to Action to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Be sure to make your call to actions clear and prominent to increase the response rate. Make it easy to act on your call to action by including an easy to find, clickable button that is embedded in your email. You can create these easily through a newsletter formatting site like Fusion or MailChimp.

Tip #5: Create a Mix of Styles

Consider mixing up your email campaigns styles and methods to avoid having them underperform. While you test different email components such as content angles, delivery days, fulfillment pieces, and surveys, you’ll start to learn what your readers are responding to. You will have a better chance of keeping your readers engaged if you keep your content and methodology fresh.

Tip #6: Automate Where Needed

When you automate your campaigns, you give yourself more time to spend developing your strategy and being creative. Use your marketing automation solution to automate campaigns based on behavior and event triggers, so you have more time to build stronger relationships with your audience.

Tip #7: Analyze Your Results

The reports from your email marketing campaigns don’t always require massive data dumps into Excel or hours of crunching numbers. Leverage the reporting dashboard in your email automation tool to get the details transferred into a format that is legible for everyone. Use these details to understand prospect interaction and improve future campaigns.

Tip #8:  Design RSS Feeds for Your Blog

You can make it extremely easy for your audience to keep in touch and gain more valuable information from you. Design an RSS feed subscription option in your blog using contrasting colors. Set it up at the top of your page, make sure to explain what they are signing up for and why they should.

Tip #9:  Add Opt-In Pop-Ups

Newsletter pop-ups on your website can be extremely useful for increasing your email subscribers. In fact, most blog sites, from large corporations to the single blogger, use them. Implement your pop-up efficiently by choosing the right place on your site and by using an optimized popup builder. Tell readers why they need your newsletter and how the information on your site can benefit them.Drive Ttraffic

Tip # 10:  Social Media Campaigns

Social media contests not only spread the reach of your brand, but they are an excellent way to collect more emails. All you have to do is host sweepstakes on your social media platform and ask for an email as a simple way for your audience to enter the contest. You can generate even more motivation to spread the word by providing your audience with unique opportunities for getting their friends to provide you with their emails.

To build, execute, and manage an effective email marketing campaign, you have to pay close attention to your audience and the message you are sending them. These ten tips will help you avoid the common trap of sending out self-promoting messages that only lead to them being deleted.

Grab this free Ebook Traffic Machine and learn how to use Social Media to drive traffic to your website.

Social Media

Using Social Media to Drive Traffic

Social media is by far one of the most popular ways to get traffic. But it can also be a huge time stealer if you don’t take control of it. There are many online companies that are using social media to drive traffic.

Social media is not a passive marketing technique. It is something that you will need to continue to work on if you want to grow your business, increase your followers, gain more subscribers, and get more likes.

There is some maintenance required.

Even the companies and people who have the highest number of followers still need to work on making their social media profiles the best that they can be, so they can continue to convert those people into actual sales.

There is some maintenance that you will need to do once you have your accounts up and running. Similar to other types of marketing, you need to make sure that you are keeping up with your social media profiles and that you are making sure that your business is staying relevant within the industry.

Building Your Social Media Networks

Once you’ve mastered your first social media profile, you can consider adding a second one to your portfolio. While you don’t have to use all of the social media platforms, having more will allow you to gain more followers.

The major social media platforms are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn. You can find more in-depth information and demographics on these platforms plus more from this article. The Importance of Social Media In Business.

By utilizing more than one platform, you can cross-post and get the help that you need to ensure that you are getting the most out of all your profiles. After you’ve created a second profile, you want to be sure to link
the two together.

Post Regularly

You need to make sure that you are posting on all your social media profiles on a regular basis. If you are using social media to drive traffic, this is something that you must do. All of the sites will allow you to schedule your content, before or after you are ready to post. If you are using social media to drive traffic, this is something that will let you do it all at once while keeping each post unique in the content that it presents.

You need to ensure that everything that you post on your social media profiles is relevant to your business and industry and always make sure that you are posting high-quality content.

Try different methods

Different sites work best for different businesses, and even different industries. Not every method will work and may not be the best way for you to get more followers. Don’t become discouraged if one site doesn’t work. Always try the other types of social media until you find the right one that works for your business.

Include your website

In the same way that you cross post to your different social media accounts, you should also be cross-posting to your website from your social media accounts. You always want to make sure that you have the link to your site on all your social media profiles so that people can easily find you.

This is extremely important if you want to convert your followers into buyers. You also want to make sure that you have your social media accounts listed on your website. The more people you have following you, even if they’ve already been to your site, the broader your reach, which will lead to even more followers.

Master Marketing Automation

If you’re looking to automate your social media, consider looking into online social media management platforms.


Buffer is a great place to start. They have a free level that will let you have three (3) social media accounts, 10 scheduled posts and one user. The Pro plan costs $15 a month and allows you 8 social accounts, 100 scheduled posts and 1 user.

Buffer posts to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram, and let’s you schedule posts to drip to your social media throughout the day to help you get the most possible attention. It also has other great features, such as analytics, link shortening and tracking, and a tool that will help you determine the optimal timing for your posts to get the most attention.


Hootsuite is very similar to Buffer. It offers scheduling, content curation, analytics, monitoring, team management and security. Their main platforms seem to be Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram.
HootSuite has a limited free plan that offers 3 social profiles and 30 scheduled messages. Their next plan is called Professional and is $29 a month with 10 social profiles, unlimited scheduling and one user. They do offer a free 30 day trial.

There are other Social Media Managers available online. You can do a Google search to get more information about them. From my own experience and research the other platforms offer good services but are very costly.

Don’t Give Up

If you feel that one of the social media sites isn’t working well for you, don’t be so quick to give up on it. Give it some time and make sure that your profile is correctly optimized. If the problem isn’t resolved after a few months, then you can try another platform.

Social Media Twitter

Common Mistakes Users commit on Twitter

Twitter is an exciting and extremely profitable social network site. Millions of people are now using the site to talk about various subjects. Indeed, it is a micro-blogging site for those who can’t stop talking.  There are also some common mistakes that most new users commit on Twitter.

Before you start sending tweets, you must be aware of these common mistakes.

The picture on your avatar is not yours.

Most new users don’t post their real picture. They often use cartoon pictures, company logos, or their pet’s pictures. Although the pictures are quite cute, most Twitter users will appreciate a real picture of you.

  • When you post your true picture on Avatar, others will think that you’re real and that you’re confident enough to let others see you.
  • If you’re going to upload a photo, choose the ones where you give a beautiful smile. A smile can easily brighten the day of others.

Sending direct messages automatically through the AutoDM.

  • AutoDM direct messages are often impersonal and pushy. If you send this type of messages, you can lose your followers.
  • TweetLater is another tool that sends automatic messages. When you use these tools, messages are automatically sent to those who follow you. A message saying ‘thanks for following me’ is fine but sending automated messages promoting your business or product is not a good idea and most people will just frown at them.

Do you have any followers?

  • If you want to have followers, you need to follow people or you can at least create an interesting profile page.
  • You can get followers by regularly posting updates. If you keep
    on following people and yet you don’t make updates on your page, you can’t get enough followers.

If you keep on promoting your business all the time, everyone will ‘unfollow’ you. 

  • No one likes a person who talks about his business or product most of the time.  You must learn to respect others. As you may have forgotten, Twitter is a social network.
  • You must learn how to communicate and build good relationships before you start bombarding them with promotions. Even if you already have a good list of leads, it is still not a good idea to barrage them with promotions.
  • Promotional tweets should be sent in limited numbers only.

Spamming with Hashtags.

  • Tweeter users often follow Trending Hashtags that do not have anything to do with their own niches or brands.  It helps to get a lot of traffic to their website or offers.
  • Using these trending hashtags to promote content that you know is not related to the hashtag is essentially spamming. This is called Hashtag Spamming.  If you are really concerned about the quality of the brand you’re building online, you really cannot afford to mess around with Hashtag Spamming.
  • Focus on really targeted hashtags. These really cut to the bone of your niche. They are very specific. Now, the great thing about this type of hashtag strategy is you fine-tune your content focus. You make it clear to people on Twitter that you are genuinely interested in one particular type of content and it doesn’t really matter if the hashtag gets a lot of traffic or not.


The 140-character tweets should be used to answer the Twitter question. Answering that question once a day may be enough to let others know that you’re interested in the community.

Start Conversations

You can post what you’re doing for the day or where you plan to go for the night. Tweets are great for starting conversations. You can also re-tweet other users or send them comments.

Check your numbers regularly

It’s not good to follow many people when you have very few individuals following you. Try to achieve balance. Make sure that the one you follow will also follow you back and you should also appreciate the ones who follow you. This is the easiest way to make friends on Twitter.

Use Tools

Use tools like Tweetdeck so that you don’t need to stay online all the time. Through this application, you can divide your followers into groups. Now, you can easily track them especially when they send direct messages and replies.

Here is to your success in 2020.

Donnie Ellis

PS Have you already opened your Twitter account.  Here’s a free ebook with instructions for setting up your account and a few tips on getting started.  Digital Marketing with Twitter on board.

PSS.  H is a more detailed Ebook that will help you understand why and how you should use Twitter for your Digital Marketing experience.  Twitter Marketing Excellence